2024's Ultimate Moving Checklist For Londoners


2024's Ultimate Moving Checklist For Londoners

Discover the comprehensive removals checklist for Londoners, covering everything from planning and preparation to choosing the best removal company, through to move day and afterwards. Move Smarter in 2024 with these expert removal tips and a step-by-step guide.

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01 Feb 2024

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Planning a move in the vibrant city of London may seem a daunting task, but let us walk you through the essential moving checklist for 2024, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home with the assistance of Relōku. From initial planning to the last unpacked box, we've got you covered!


Section 1: Before Moving - Start Your Planning Early

1.1 Assess Your Needs

Before diving into the logistics of your move, take a moment to work out your requirements. Consider your home size, the number of items to move, and any special considerations. You might not need a full removal service - a ‘man and van’ is often enough for urban moves.

1.2 Budget Wisely

Create a detailed budget covering all aspects of your move, including packing, transportation, and potential storage fees. Be wary of man and van removal companies promising cheapest rates - there are many stories on review sites of companies who load your goods then holding your goods to ransom unless you pay more. Check the small print for extra charges for things like walking up stairs or not being able to park outside your property (yes, they really do this…). Relōku provides instant transparent pricing, so you can keep things within your budget. 


Section 2: Streamline the Packing Process

2.1 Declutter and Donate

Avoid unnecessary packing by decluttering and donating items you no longer need. Relōku can assist with eco-friendly disposal options or donations to charity.

2.2 Smart Packing

Optimise your packing with sturdy bags and boxes, bubble wrap, and labels, ensuring your belongings are securely packed for the journey. Many man and van removal companies offer packing services if you don't want to do it yourself.


Section 3: Choose A Mover

For anything less than a full 4-5 bedroom house, consider using a smaller removal service (commonly referred to in London as a ‘Man and Van’) such as Relōku who offer the service standards of a full size removal company but use smaller, agile, more urban appropriate vans to cut costs and reduce congestion. Check that your chosen removal company is attentive to issues which might be important to you such as accurate scheduling and arrival times, customer safety and driver checks, or emissions and environmental impact concerns. With a track record of satisfied customers including Tesla, The BBC, Amnesty, ~Waitrose and 25,000+ Londoners, Relōku is built around customer care (check our reviews) -

3.1 Tech-Driven Convenience

Relōku uses advanced technology for a seamless moving experience. From online booking to real-time tracking, their user-friendly platform simplifies the entire process and ensures AI optimised allocation and routing for efficiency and reduced emissions, with costs savings and accurate time-keeping for customers.

3.2 Branded Vans for Visibility and Security

Trust Relōku's branded vans for secure transportation. They stand out on London's streets, symbolising professionalism, premium service standards and the secure transportation of you and your possessions.

3.3 Vetted and Professional Teams

Relōku's teams are checked and trained professionals. Ask yourself - who would I want in my home, handling my possessions? Known, insured, background-checked experts dedicated to providing excellent service, or random outsourced van owners often with little experience in removals or customer care?


Section 4: After Moving - Unpacking and Organizing

4.1 Prioritise Essentials

Start by unpacking the essentials, focusing on key areas like the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom to make your new space functional from the beginning.

4.2 Unpack Strategically

Take your time to unpack systematically. Begin with the most critical items and gradually move on to non-essentials. This helps you stay organized and reduces the overwhelming feeling of a cluttered space. 


Section 5: Familiarise Yourself with the Neighborhood

5.1 Explore Local Amenities

Take a stroll around your new neighborhood to discover local amenities like grocery stores, pharmacies, parks, and public transportation. Familiarising yourself with the area will make it feel like home much quicker.

5.2 Connect with Neighbours

Building a sense of community is crucial. Introduce yourself to neighbours, attend local events, and join community groups to establish connections and make yourself part of your new neighborhood…. obviously don't be weird about it, but be friendly to everyone and you'll soon find your crowd!


Section 6: Update Important Information

6.1 Change of Address

Ensure all your official documents and subscriptions reflect your new address. Notify banks, government agencies, and service providers about your change of address to avoid disruptions.

6.2 Update Utility Services

Confirm that utility services are set up in your new home, covering electricity, gas, water, internet, and other essentials.


Section 7: Settling In with Relōku's Continued Support

7.1 Post-Move Follow-Up

Relōku's support goes beyond the move itself. Expect a post-move follow-up to ensure your satisfaction and address any concerns. Our commitment to customer service extends well beyond the moving day and we will continue to help in any way we can.

7.2 Utilise Additional Services

Explore Relōku's extra services, like storage solutions or special item transportation, to meet any ongoing needs you may have after the initial move. 


And that's it, you are in your new London home! Embrace the excitement of your London move in 2024 by following this ultimate moving checklist and choosing Relōku for a seamless and efficient experience. With tech-driven efficiency, branded vans, vetted teams, and commitment to customer satisfaction, let Relōku be your trusted partner for a successful move in the heart of London. Welcome to the big city!


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