Frequently Asked Questions

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What services does Relōku provide?

How does it work?

What should I use the service for?

How do you say the name, and what's with the little line?

What hours do you operate?

Why shouldn't I just use a courier?

Why shouldn’t I just use a taxi?

What is your 'pool' option?

Payment & Prices

How is payment taken, and do I have to pay in advance?

Do vou add VAT on afterwards?

I understand that I only pay for the time I use, but what's the hourly rate I'm charged at?

Do you charge extra for going up stairs?

Are government fees like Congestion and ULEZ charges included?

Will the quote be the actual price I pay?

I've found cheaper quote, will you beat it?

I want a fixed price, can you do that?

Doesn’t ‘exact-use’ pricing encourage drivers to extend jobs as long as possible?

Can I get a day rate?

Why is it more expensive than a taxi or courier?

Why don‘t you require a full list of what I’m moving?

Services (& Exceptions)

Can I travel with the vehicle?

Will you do a site visit?

Do you help with packing?

Do you offer storage?

Do you offer boxes and packing materials?

How far will you travel? Can I move to another city or town?

Who sorts out parking?

Will you dump or recycle items?

Will you move pianos?

Will you dismantle and reassemble items?

Can you un-plumb my washing machine or dishwasher?

Can you get large items out of windows, or remove door frames?

Can the driver just drive the van if I don't need any help with my stuff?

Must I hire the driver, can I just hire the van and I'll drive?

Will the driver help with all the lifting and carrying?

How much extra help can I book?

How do I know if I need extra helpers?

Will you take items upstairs, or to any room? Will that cost more?

Do I even need to be there?

Will you supply just the help without a van if I need things moved within my property?

Can I bring my pet with me in the van?

What if I need more loading or unloading time than I booked?

What if the van is too small?

How well packed must everything be - are bin bags ok?

How can I be sure you are definitely coming?

Do I pay for the van to travel to my pickup, or back to a depot afterward drop off?

What happens if you are late?


Are your drivers background checked?

Are your drivers trained?

Will my driver speak English?

Can I request a particular gendered/identifying driver or team?

What is your stance regarding diversity?

I want to give mv driver a tip, is that okay?

Vans & Equipment

Do your vans carry blankets, straps, trollies and tools?

Are all your vans branded?

Are there van height restrictions for car parks or loading bays?

Insurance, Waivers & Legals

Is everything fully insured, including me and my stuff?

What Do Your Insurances Cover?

Are There Insurance Exceptions?

When Would I Need To Sign A Damage Waiver?

What if something happens to my items, how do I claim?

Are my goods insured if I'm carrying them?

Will the driver show me how to lift?

What if I don't want insurance, can I get a discount?

Can I get a higher amount of insurance cover?

Booking Amendments & Cancellations

What if I need to change something on my booking?

What if I need to cancel my booking?


Will vou spam me or sell my details?

Contact Us

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